A game made for my internship program called #mojikencamp in about 2 weeks. This game is a classic break-out game style clone with a little bit of mechanic change.


  • up/down/left/right arrow to move the paddle
  • you can move the paddle along the left/right wall too

Change to fullscreen mode when play

Thanks for playing! Comment bellow if you want to leave a feedback :)


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(3 edits)

- Nice graphics

- Control, ketika balik arah, mending direset speednya jadi 0, baru dikasih percepatan baru.

- Gameplay, untuk atas bawahnya, kayaknya ga perlu sampai gitu.

terimakasih sarannya kak :)

nampaknya tidak banyak yg tau kalau dipojok paddlenya bisa naik turun

- nice and cute graphics

- moving with velocity feels a bit weird. but that's ok if it's part of the game design.

- when the ball (jelly?) touch the side of the screen, it should bounce instead of dying. it makes the game hard.

sorry my bad. I didn't read the instruction. you can move the paddle up/down as well. :p
keep up the good work!

hahahaha thank you :)

nice twist!