A downloadable game for Windows

Paralyze is a short point and click adventure game about a boy who dragged by a mysterious shadow to a strange world where monsters and weird things lived.  

He can't escape until all of the monsters and things are happy and satisfied. 

So help those in need, seek a way out, or stuck in a dream forever.


  • click/drag to interact
  • mouse to direct the flashlight, right click to lock and unlock the flashlight
  • A/D to move left/right, W/S to climb to next room

This is my second full released game for my internship so I really appreciated any feedbacks and comments. Thanks for playing! 

Install instructions

Download the corresponding zip for your OS (Windows 32 or 64 bit). Extract and open the Paralyze.exe program.

No installation needed and roughly 150MB are required for the extracted files.


Paralyze_win32.zip 58 MB
Paralyze_win64.zip 68 MB


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This game was really cool. I absolutely loved the visuals and how alive everything was!

Thaknk you so much for playing!!! :)

You're welcome! It was a really cool game :D

It took me about 2 minutes to get into the head of the DEV and how to play this game but it get's a massive thumbs up from me. I liked the graphics style, the colours, the audio and it's a great little mini game and I think it needs expanding. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Thanks DEVS


Hi! Thanks so much for the great video! It's always great to know what people think about my game :)

I loved the art style, but I really didn't understand what was going on at all xD


Hi, thanks so much for playing!

I literally just throw a bunch of things that I like and made a game so maybe that's why it doesn't make sense at all hahaha 

But you get it right. It's about a boy that experience sleep paralysis XD

And thanks so much for the review video!!!

Nice game =w=b

Thank you so much!!!

very nice, gave me some ah! moment

thank you!!! 😊😊